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Munday Martin has released “Random Acts Of Music” his sophomore album which is a 6 song EP.
Munday Martin was promoted as the best up and coming artist in Nashville Tennessee by Nashville‘s biggest rock station recently, and without question is certainly making waves in the Christian and secular music industry with his retro rock vibe reminiscent of the 80s and 90s.
Random Acts Of Music is indeed RANDOM. It’s a journey that surfs across six different waves of 80s and 90s rock genres. On the first wave is a New Wave song called “Until He Sings” with a major music video release with nods to Depeche Mode, New Order, and many of the 80s greats! It also has a taste of Bowie funk. Then we sail across Funk Rock, Pop Rock, Surf Rock, Ska Punk and Classic Punk! It’s one of the funnest releases of 2022 in my opinion. You don’t want to miss it. Many of my fans have been telling me the songs stick in their head.
Producer John Mark Painter (DC Talk, The Grits, Steve Taylor, Fleming and John) added synthesizer ear candy that 80s and 90s kids will love. With a Dove Award winning producer and a Dove Award Nominated videographer, Munday has a lot of talent to unpack for your 2022 on the day of his first big concert!

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Checkout the latest album from Munday Martin. This is his new EP with 6 songs ready to listen to. You will love everyone of them, kind of a throwback 80’s or retro vibe to them. Sit back and let the music take you away to new places.